FTK Free Trial Program

Transform your investigations with a 30-day trial of FTK!

Whether you've used FTK in the past, or you're interested in trying it out for the first time, we're proud to offer complimentary 30-day access to FTK for DFIR professionals.

Seconds matter in critical investigations.  FTK gives investigators a head start by pointing them directly to the artifacts that matter most, narrowing down the scope of their investigation, and reducing the time it takes to close cases.

You can trust FTK to:

  • Quickly locate, collect, and analyze digital evidence
  • Investigate mobile device data and parse chat apps
  • Effortlessly pivot through multimedia images & videos
  • Find more artifacts faster to speed time to justice


Please fill out the free trial form with a corporate or government agency email address, so your request can be fulfilled as quickly as possible. You will automatically be directed to the trial download page after clicking Submit.

Uncover the truth faster and deliver justice with FTK!

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