FTK® Imager 4.5

FTK® Imager is a data preview and imaging tool used to acquire data (evidence) in a forensically sound manner by creating copies of data without making changes to the original evidence. FTK Imager 4.5 includes faster image creation, additional evidence processing improvements including XFS file system support, improvements to the command line, disk imaging, evidence parsing and memory dump. 

FTK Imager allows you to:
Create forensic images of local hard drives, CDs and DVDs, thumb drives or other USB devices, entire folders, or individual files from various places within the media.
Preview the contents of forensic images stored on the local machine or on a network drive.
Create hashes of files to check the integrity of the data by using either of the two hash functions available in FTK Imager: Message Digest 5 (MD5) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1).
And so much more!

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