Join Exterro at the 2022 IAPP Privacy. Risk. Security. Conference

P.S.R. is the number-one event focused on the intersection of privacy and technology. Speakers and breakout sessions will dive deeply into maximizing technology as a privacy asset and minimizing it as a privacy threat. Join discussions of operational issues such as data breaches, scaling privacy programs, managing consent and more. Led by privacy and security professionals with decades of experience, breakout sessions yield practical guidance you will be able to put to work immediately. P.S.R. also offers world-class networking where you can connect with other privacy and infosec professionals at large events or smaller meet-ups focused on specific areas of interest.

Schedule time with Exterro to:
Assess your readiness to respond to the Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) Nightmare Letter quickly and defensibly
Discuss how you can minimize your time to compliance - Operationalize your retention program in less than 60 days
Learn how to implement, monitor and maintain a scalable privacy program within an integrated data ecosystem with our blended approach of technology and services

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