FTK Imager 4.7

FTK® Imager is a data preview and imaging tool used to acquire data (evidence) in a forensically sound manner by creating copies of data without making changes to the original evidence. The latest version now supports the AFF4 format and also supports execution on a portable drive.

FTK Imager allows you to:

  • Create forensic images of local hard drives, CDs and DVDs, thumb drives or other USB devices, entire folders, or individual files from various places within the media.

  • Preview the contents of forensic images stored on the local machine or on a network drive.

  • Create hashes of files to check the integrity of the data by using either of the two hash functions available in FTK Imager: Message Digest 5 (MD5) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1).

  • And so much more!

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