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Judges Roundtable: 10 Best Practices for Maintaining Defensibility Amidst Growing Data Risks

WEBINAR DATE/TIME: December 1st, 2022 at 10:00 am (ET) | 7:00 am (PT)

Ever curious on what tips judges would give you on your e-discovery process? In this webcast, learn from a panel of prominent federal judges on what 10 tips they would give e-discovery professionals based on recent case law, the FRCP and emerging data risks effecting e-discovery activities.

Webcast Speakers:


Mike Hamilton, VP of Marketing, Exterro


Hon. Joy Conti, Sr. US District Judge, W.D. Pennsylvania


Hon. William Matthewman, US Magistrate Judge, S.D. Florida


Hon. Charmiane Claxton, US Magistrate Judge, W. Tennessee



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How should I balance defensibility vs. efficiency?
What is really considered “reasonable steps” in preservation?

What constitutes unduly burdensome and when should I object to e-discovery parameters?

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