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The 7 Most Important E-Discovery Cases of 2022

On E-Discovery Day 2022, it's only fitting that we look back over the year that's coming to an end and review the most important e-discovery case law rulings of the year. Join Doug, Mary, Tom, and Judge Peck for a lively discussion that will cover the key lessons you need to know for your e-discovery cases in 2023.

Webcast Speakers:


Doug Austin, Founder and Editor, eDiscovery Today


Mary Mack, CEO and Chief Legal Technologist, EDRM


Tom O'Connor, Director, Gulf Legal Technology Center


Hon. Andrew Peck (Ret.), Senior Counsel, DLA Piper



The panelists will discuss the following like:
The most important e-discovery case rulings of the year
Implications for legal teams and e-discovery professionals

Perspectives from both the bench and the bar

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