Help Your Investigators Help Themselves: Automating & Customising Workflows

Date: 28th November 2023-10-2023

Time: 11am - 12pm GMT

Conducting investigations can be a time consuming, lengthy process. The sheer volume of data being created is showing no sign of slowing down meaning more data for investigators to filter through to get to the truth. To counteract this digital forensics professionals are required to continually look for new strategies and technologies to overcome these growing and increasingly complex problems.

However many organisations have their own internal processes and many tools on the market aim to be ‘one size fits all’ instead of adapting to the business themselves. One way to tackle this growing challenge is to create ways to automate these processes in a way that works for your organisation; customising workflows through a variety of APIs to suit you.

Join us on this 1-hour technology showcase to see how FTK Connect and our API can help DFIR professionals to customise & automate workflows, reduce the backlogs, increase efficiency and save money.

We'll cover areas such as:

  • An introduction to FTK Connect
  • An overview of some of the key features and capabilities that are helping to transform investigations
  • How Public Sector organisations and Corporations alike are currently utilising this technology
  • Examples of how our custom API can be used to manage data retention policies , Integrate current workflows into our solutions and increase the efficiency of a digital investigation

This session will be recorded, so if you cannot make the live time then the video replay will still be shared to all registrants.


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