Don't miss Exterro at DoDIIS!

We'll be unveiling the brand new FTK 8.0 at this leading cybersecurity conference for security practitioners.


FTK 8.0 has a stunning new look to help you find the key artifacts needed for internal investigations & post-breach analysis.

Schedule time at our booth to learn about the FTK 8.0 DFIR Advantage:
Perform covert collection from on-network, off-network and MacOS endpoints without tipping off employees.
Preview live data on an endpoint whether it's connected to the VPN or not.
Scan for Indicators of Compromise and perform volatile data collection from up to 20,000 remote endpoints at once.
Expose and investigate a variety of criminal and malicious activities, including data breaches, database tampering, inappropriate sharing of confidential company information, deletion of files, wiping of hard drives, or viewing of inappropriate content.

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